27 June 2013

Five For Fighting - Superman - Guitar Chords

[C]I can't stand to [G]fly
[Am]I'm not that naive [F]
[C]I'm just out to [G]find
[Am]The better part of me [F]

I'm more than a [C]bird, I'm more that a [G]plane
More than some[Am] pretty face beside [F]a train
It's not [C]easy to [G]be [F]me [C]

[C]Wish that I could [G]cry
[Am]Fall upon my [F]knees
[C]Find a way to [G]lie
About a [Am]home I'll never [F]see

It may sound [C]absurd, but don't be n[G]aive
Even [Am]heroes have the [F]right to bleed
I may be disturbed[C], but won't you con[G]cede
Even [Am]heroes have the [F]right to dream
It's not [C]easy to [G]be [F]me [C] [G]

[Am]Up, up [G]ahead away [F]away from [Am]me
It's al[D]right, you can [Am]all sleep sound to[D]night
I'm not [F]crazy or [G]anything

[C]I can't stand to [G]fly
[Am]I'm not that naive [F]
[C]Men weren't meant to [G]ride
[Am]With clouds between their [F]knees

I'm [C]only a man in a [G]silly red sheet
[Am]Digging for kryptonite on this [F]one-way street
[C]Only a man in a [G]funny red sheet
[Am]Looking for special things [F]inside of me, inside of me, inside of me..

It's not [C]easy to [G]be [F]me [C]


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