25 December 2012

I'm not Twenty ! ... Alizee

Looking for paradise

Is always on my mind

Morning light shining right

Sing me a lullaby

Oh! Baby come to me

Bring back simplicity

I’m here, you see !

So why hang on to me ?

Just write me poetry

If you’re okey dokey !

Get up and start to smile, guy

Do it for me

Wake up, I’ll come around man

Let’s do “boogie-woogie”

It’s not even a game

Get over your pain

I’m not twenty

Not even ashamed

Could we celebrate

Cause’ I’m not twenty

And life goes on and on

I go as I come

Mélodie de vie

I fly all alone

A light little stone

You get old at twenty

And I want to be free !

Oh! Baby baby mine

You’re always on my mind

Having fun is just fine

Your love, I shall deny

Falling for me, indeed

Is diving in someone’s need

Love is too strong !

I’ve fallen into me

And freedom’s ecstasy !

You can never go wrong !


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